Ultra High Definition TVs: What's Worth the Price Tag

New Ultra High Definition 4K and OLED technologies elevate a new generation of big screen TVs to luxury status.

Courtesy LG
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LG’s 65-inch OLED Ultra High Definition 4K television is the one against which all others will be measured. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a display technology that has been around for a few years but LG is the first to scale it up to large screen sizes. The 4K Ultra HD tech means that the picture quality is four times that of current TVs. The overall effect is exquisite detail, deeper blacks, and brilliant colors seen on a slightly curved screen that makes the experience so immersive. Sports, meanwhile, appear so realistic that it feels like you paid a scalper for great seats thanks to an up-converting video engine that makes even non-4K images stunning. OLED also has one other advantage: the screens are extremely thin, at 1/4-inch at its thinnest point and only two inches at its widest, and lightweight, at just under 47 pounds. There is also a good WebOS software program that makes connecting to the Internet and video streaming services easy. (LG OLED TVs begin under $2,000 while a price-pending 77-inch G6 model is expected in late 2016.) $5000; lg.com.