Ultra High Definition TVs: What's Worth the Price Tag

New Ultra High Definition 4K and OLED technologies elevate a new generation of big screen TVs to luxury status.

Courtesy Vizio
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Prepare your eyes to be impressed by a new class of televisions with never-before-seen picture clarityThis new crop of Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions, also referred to as 4K, uses four times as many pixels as existing HD screens to achieve more detailed resolution and brighter, more accurate colors. UHD televisions use new display technologies to deliver this great new picture. The most innovative is called OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)—a newer advancement that's been touted as the most important upgrade to televisions in over a decade—and its hallmarks are a light slim design combined with hyper-realistic images. Ultra High Definition TVs also employ new High Dynamic Range (HDR) to improve contrast and brighten colors. The result is a dazzling new viewing experience.

Hollywood, of course, is rushing to provide 4K and HDR content, but look to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to lead the way. There is even a new service called Ultraflix that deals exclusively in 4K films. UHD also is opening up other options like a 50-inch 4K frame for quality digital artwork called Depict, for example, that lets subscribers change wall images almost at will. All in all, these technologies offer a whole new way of looking at the world—a view that may get finer yet, with even greater resolution 8K TVs already on the horizon. 

Here, a short list of the game-changing television sets to invest in now.