25 Top Travel Apps

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Don’t leave home without downloading these useful smartphone apps.

Why bother slogging through the more than 30,000 available apps when Departures could do it for you? We canvased the app universe and handpicked an arsenal of portable pocket resources to help the vacation-bound tackle the world.

A selection of communication apps will let you talk, text and video chat in any area code without decimating your phone bill. Translation apps will ensure you never have to struggle with “Where’s the nearest restroom?” again; all you have to do is speak into a mic and let the app do the work. Better yet, one app will guide you to the nearest clean bathroom. For those who always want to be prepared, a bevy of survival apps provide first-aid guides and emergency phone numbers. Suggested food apps provide insider tips on the best restaurants. And for anyone who’s ever spent an afternoon trapped at the boarding gate, we’ll point you to entertainment apps to keep the music streaming, the e-book pages turning and your brain occupied.

Now all you have to do is get out your phone and start downloading these battle-tested choices for getting the most out of your travels.

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