2014 Technology Trends

Bang & Olufsen

Wireless speakers, intuitive home products, biometric security devices and more vie for attention in the New Year.

While televisions are traditionally the bellwethers of technological innovation, they have noticeably taken a backseat this year to a host of burgeoning technologies and devices.

That’s not to say that TVs aren’t still in the game: Samsung, for example, plans to introduce an 85-inch model midyear that bends from a flat to a curved screen at the touch of a button. But tech wizards are talking about many other innovations, such as in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT), whereby smart appliances and intuitive products like the Nest Protect smoke-and-carbon-dioxide detector connect to the web and keep us informed as required. Biometric devices, such as the EyeLock Myris, which authenticates using an iris scan, may be key to future computer security. And while Apple still dominates the tablet market, new models with powerful computing capabilities—like Microsoft’s Surface 2—are aiming to chip away at its supremacy.

From wireless speakers to WiFi-equipped grills to cleaning robots, here’s a look at what will impact 2014 and beyond.