8 Great Fitness Apps

These full-body workouts will help you keep your resolution going. 

OF 10


My favorite of the group, this app is great for travelers and fitness-freaks alike. Sworkit offers strength training, cardio fitness, yoga, and stretching all in one simple app. Each category is broken down by body part (such as upper body, full body, core, and more); intensity level, and, in the case of the yoga workouts, level of expertise. (It even offers Pilates!) Each exercise has an instructional video, and the app allows for full customization or use of pre-set workouts in each category. You can choose the duration of the workout (from five to 60 minutes), the length of each exercise, the transition, and the level of difficulty. No equipment is necessary, other than a little floor space, and the workouts are pre-loaded into the app, eliminating the need for a wifi or data connection—meaning you can make use of Sworkit anywhere. No, you can’t use your own music, and the audio instructions simply state the name of the exercise coming up. We’d suggest this app for everyone from beginners to advanced gym rats; it connects to both Apple Health and MyFitnessPal for data tracking, calories burned, and more.