8 Great Fitness Apps

These full-body workouts will help you keep your resolution going. 

OF 10

A few weeks into the New Year, the days are still short, the nights long, and your personal fitness resolutions may have gone the way of those Christmas trees by the curb. To keep our own resolutions going—despite busy travel schedules—we tested over 40 different fitness apps to find the very best on offer. We tried them out under some unusual circumstances: in a hotel room in Deer Valley, a tiny stateroom while cruising in the Caribbean, in our bedroom while binge watching TV, and even in the gym, where we added exercises to our usual workouts. The final list includes apps that track your workout, apps that demonstrate your workout, and apps for indoor cycling and running—omitting any that prompt you for additional, in-app purchases. They’re all easy and intuitive to use, with clear instructions for each exercise, good graphics or videos, and provide a safe, effective full-body workout. Here are our favorites.