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How to Zen Out Your Home Office

Simple tips for creating a more relaxing workspace.


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You are going to spend about a third of your life working (and that is only if you are lucky enough to work eight-hour days) which makes your work environment extremely important. Jobs are stressful enough as they are so creating an office space that calms you down and inspires you to be more productive is essential. This was exactly what interior designer Nina Grauer had in mind when she designed her company’s office.

“I have worked at other design firms where the office was bursting at its seams with discontinued fabrics, duplicated samples, old paperwork, and dusty magazines dating back to the 1950s,” she explained. “Clutter is the zen killer.”

She suggests maximizing the space by implementing as much storage as possible to help keep your workspace organized. “The more clutter the more distraction—make sure everything in your office has a home,” she says.

Letting in plenty of natural light and choosing earthy colors such as beige, peach, light green and blue, is key to soothing your senses while you’re in the office.

“Candles and diffusers are a must,” Grauer adds. So are any items that would add character to your office and remind you of a happy moment—a loved one’s artwork or a special souvenir from your favorite destination.

Finally, bring the outside in by filling your office with plants. “I always recommend lots of plants in different sizes and textures. Being surrounded by greenery and sentimental moments in your workspace immediately removes the sterility of an office and gives it character,” says Hannah Crowell, owner of Crowell + Company Interiors in Nashville.

Now check out some of our favorite items to shop right now that will help you create a zen office space.

Hyascent California Chill Scent Diffuser

Hyascent crafts chic hourglass shaped diffusers that emit aromatic scents for up to six months. It’s also incredibly soothing watching the liquid drip through the wood.

To buy: $169,

Olander Earthworks Modern Tabletop Zen Garden

This modern take on the classic mini zen garden not only makes for the perfect accent piece on your desk but it will also help you de-stress and expand your creative thinking.

To buy: $215,

The Sill Low Light Plants Subscription

Surrounding yourself with plants may reduce both psychological and physiological stress, according to a 2015 study. This monthly subscription service by The Sill will deliver a low-light tolerant plant in a beautiful planter straight to your office.

To buy: $35,

Terrain Essential Crystal Kit

This collection of seven stones, sourced from around the globe, will help you clear your mind and boost your creativity by adding good feng shui energy to your workspace.

To buy: $28,

Bloomsbury Market Pulpit Rock Salt Lamp

This dimmable Himalayan salt lamp emits a calming soft light that will ease your mind at work (especially if you tend to stay late in the office). It is also believed that Himalayan salt lamps purify the air because they are a natural ionizer.

To buy: $71,


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