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Home Bars Are Having a Moment—Here’s How to Get One James Bond Would Approve of

Create a luxurious, one-of-a-kind bar in the comfort of your home.


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Your home bar should be a place of relaxation and comfort where you can sit back after a long day and enjoy your favorite drink. And it’s often the small luxuries (or the big ones) that can transform it into a truly special place for you and your family.

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Aside from stocking it with the best bottles of liquor and wine, you can also upgrade it with the top high-end appliances, like a professional grade wine cellar or a beer dispenser that will make you feel like you are in an actual bar. Décor is important, too—superbly designed and comfortable bar stools are essential, and so is a beautiful bar counter.

And since we’re all obsessed with technology, there are also quite a few high-tech options that will completely blow you, and your guests, away.

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So without further ado, scroll down to peruse nine of the best bar appliances, gadgets, and accessories that will turn your home bar into a lavish place of relaxation—and it’s guaranteed to induce envy among your closest friends.

Spiral Underground Wine Cellar

If you are looking for an innovative way to store and age your wine, then you’re definitely not alone. Spiral wine cellars are all the rage in the United Kingdom right now. It’s a concrete construction that’s fitted into a hole in your floor (so it’s a space-saver, too). It is also equipped with natural ventilation that provides the best conditions for ageing wine.

To buy: from $30,590,

Martin Eisler for Forma Dry Bar with Bar Stools

This sleek midcentury modern bar set was created by Austrian designer Martin Eisler for legendary furniture company Forma in the 1950s. It is a freestanding curved bar crafted from wood and brass. The bar counter has a black lacquered finish that sits atop slim brass feet. It provides plenty of storage space for all of your barware items, liquor bottles, and other accessories. The bar comes with a duo of equally elegant curved bar stools upholstered in red leather.

To buy: $33,500,

Miele Smart Wine Cellar

Miele’s wine fridge is so much more than meets the eye. It has three temperatures zones so you can store your favorite reds, whites, and champagne bottles in it as well as regulate the temperature from distance via the Miele app. The really great feature thought is the Sommelier Set zone that cools your glasses and prepares your wine for decanting before you serve it.

To buy: from $9,099,

Hestan Double Tap Beer Dispenser

Whether it’s game day or you are simply in the mood for a perfectly chilled pint, this beer dispenser is the must-have appliance for your home bar or outdoor kitchen. Hestan is known as much for the quality of its products as it is for their design. This stainless steel double faucet dispenser, for example, can be customized in 12 gorgeous shades. Inside, it can accommodate two five-gallon barrels or a single one of 7.75 gallons.

To buy: from $6,499,

Cask of InchDairnie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Buying an entire cask of whisky from InchDairnie comes with a lot of perks to look forward to while your bottles of whisky (about 240 of them) are maturing on-site.

First of all, InchDairnie uses its own unique production method and only distills several batches of whisky each season (so you will be owning a seasonal distillate). And while InchDairnie is not open to visitors, that would not apply to you as a cask owner. The distillery will actually invite you to visit it so you can personally oversee your cask—that will be stenciled with your name— three times during the twelve years of maturation. You will also receive two sample bottles from your cask every year so you can follow the development of the maturing spirit. And, finally, once your cask has been bottled, representatives of InchDairnie will travel to your home to hold a private tasting.

To buy: from $16,400,

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Ice spheres allow you to enjoy your favorite drink—undiluted by water— for longer. The reason for that is, well, physics. Because of its shape a regular ice cube has a lot more surface area than a sphere, which causes it to melt faster.

This Cirrus Ice Ball Kit comes in a shatter-proof case and consists of three 2.75-inch ice cup molds, a convenient drip tray, and stainless steel ice tongs.

To buy: $975,

Custom Walk-In Humidor Room

A humidor room that doesn’t require you to have time-consuming renovations in your house? Why yes, it is possible.

The portable humidor room has a modular design made from Spanish cedar that is offered in five finishes and equipped with automatic humidification, reverse osmosis and water filtration, and an optional temperature control feature. It is completely customized to the measurements of your home and comes pre-made so installation takes only about three hours. Should you, in the future, decide to change its design or size, all you have to do is order extra components.

To buy: Price Upon Request,

Enotrias Personalized Sommelier Service

It is easy to see why certified sommelier and founder of Enotrias Melissa Smith is known as the go-to sommelier of Silicon Valley’s elite. She has previously worked at the three Michelin-starred French Laundry and Napa Valley’s iconic Terra restaurant.

Through Enotrias, she offers a personalized sommelier subscription service that will make sure your every oenophilic need is met. From menu pairings for date night or other special events and remote wine cellar inventory maintenance to consumption and purchasing suggestions and, of course, wine tastings, your personal sommelier is a phone (or Zoom) call away.

To buy: from $750/initial three month minimum required,

Somabar Pro Bartender & Barista

You don’t need to hire a professional bartender or have top mixology skills yourself in order to enjoy your favorite cocktail. With Somabar’s new Bartender&Barista machine, you can choose from hundreds of drinks as well as create countless custom recipes and enjoy them in the comfort of your home bar.

Once you decide on a drink, simply choose it from Somabar’s menu (or say it out loud—the machine supports Siri and Alexa) and Somabar will take care of the rest in just ten seconds.

To buy: from $4,854,

Wine Cave

If you are a serious wine collector and would like to create the best conditions to age wine, adding a wine cave to your home is the best investment. Storing bottles underground is great for two main reasons—light (or rather the lack of it) and humidity. Direct sunlight or that from lightbulbs can alter the aromas and taste of wine over time. And humidity slows down the natural process of wine evaporation, also known as “angel’s share.” Temperature swings are also a lot less likely underground than above ground. And finally, if space allows it, plan on adding a tasting room to your wine cave—this will make for a truly unique place to enjoy your best bottles and entertain guests.

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