This Is the Refrigerator That's Perfect for Entertaining

We think you'll be impressed by the plentiful smart features.

Newsflash—the holidays are around the corner, which means that throwing (and attending) a party in the middle of the workweek will finally be socially acceptable. It also means that you have to somehow turn your home into an entertaining haven and we don’t just mean décor-wise. Every hostess knows that it takes a village to make a party a success. This season, though, it may only take a home appliance with some very impressive features. How so, you may ask?

Courtesy LG

LG has launched a line of refrigerators that will take your entertaining game to the next level. Take cocktails, for example. The sleek InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators create traditional crushed and cubed ice, but they also make large badges of slow-melting sphere-shaped ice that will help you show off your mixologist skills by keeping your Manhattan’s and Margarita’s perfectly chilled for longer without watering down their taste. Throwing a last-minute get-together? Simply download the SmartThinQ app to prepare ice remotely. And speaking of smart features, you can also set the freezer and refrigerator temperatures via the app as well as give commands thanks to the Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

Courtesy LG

And if you’re worried that your appetizers and small bites will not remain fresh until your guests start arriving, well, don’t. This refrigerator features not one, but three cooling technologies that work together to keep your produce crisp and food flavorful for much longer.

One of our favorite features, though, is the InstaView design which lets you see inside the refrigerator without ever opening the door—simply knock twice on the glass door and voilà. We also love the Door-in-Door design feature, which essentially gives you quick access to the door bins. So if you’re having a little get-together you can stock it up with all the drinks and snacks and that way you don’t need to open the entire refrigerator every time someone needs another beer.

Now, who’s ready for a party?