The Departures’ Guide to Mindfulness: 27 Products to Help Cleanse the Mind and Soul for 2021

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Each week, our editors and writers come together to share their favorite products under a new, seasonally inspired theme. This week, we recommend the chicest products to inspire mindfulness and healing in your home.

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Creating space for mindfulness and healing is top of mind as we enter 2021 and try desperately to detox after a harrowing 2020. But in cultivating a space for meditation and relaxation in your home, it’s hard to know where to begin with the number of luxury shops selling healing crystals, meditation clothing, and natural incense. We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the mindfulness essentials of the year, starting of course with healing crystals (you can choose from hefty, raw crystals, or smaller polished gemstones), moving into sage and incense, then breaking down the top online mindfulness practices and guided meditation apps (from Calm and Headspace to Lululemon’s “Peace on Purpose” audio meditation tools). Finally, we’ve offered our editors’ favorite meditation clothing and equipment, including a must-have yoga bolster and harem-style pants made for relaxation and lotus position meditation. 

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This guide is for mindfulness seekers of all skill levels, whether you’re new to meditation and trying to slow down and inspire more serenity in your soul, or you’ve been meditating for years and are looking to upgrade your zen space. For the meditation gurus in need of a new sage smudge kit to cleanse the home and an up-and-coming shop selling the best healing crystals, we’ve got high-end incense, cedar and sage to burn, and silky soft meditation clothing. And for the newcomers looking for a meditation guide, we’ve got the best apps to kickstart your daily meditation practice. Here, our editor-selected mindfulness essentials, from healing crystals to the best meditation cushion. 

Healing Crystals From Our Favorite Spiritual Shops

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Incense, Sage, and Cleansing Materials for the Home

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Meditation Equipment and Meditation Clothing

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Mindfulness Training Programs and Apps