De Beers Highlights Five Groundbreaking Female Jewelry Designers in New Campaign

Tommy Agriodimas/Courtesy DeBeers

Diamonds aren’t just forever, when responsibly sourced, they are a force of positive change in our world. 

Today, De Beers launches a new initiative, ReSet Collective, to educate consumers and combat some of the negative perceptions associated with natural diamonds, showing that diamonds can be a source of positive change. Not only do diamond mines provide employment to local communities, but De Beers invests in programs to improve the lives of its employees, their families, and the community, as well as programs to conserve the surrounding environment. The initiative will feature unique jewelry collaborations, with the proceeds from the collection benefiting different charities

Tommy Agriodimas/Courtesy DeBeers 

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The first collection, ReSet Collective, comprises one-of-a-kind pendants from five female jewelry designers—Jade Trau, Jennie Kwon, Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock, and Zoë Chicco—who traveled together to Botswana in late 2019 to see the lifecycle of a diamond from start to finish. Each pendant features melee diamonds, a .30-carat round diamond, and with the exception of Sara Weinstock, a rough diamond from Botswana. While the jewelry designers featured are of course experts in jewelry, they were able to learn quite a bit during their trip to Botswana. Jade Trau says the trip changed her life, and “it empowered and educated me in the rough diamond space, as well as the supply chain, and it makes me feel good about choosing to design and sell diamond jewelry as my career.”

Tommy Agriodimas/Courtesy DeBeers 

ReSet Collective has a glamorous campaign starring model Indira Scott, who says, “I'm so thrilled to be a part of the new campaign for the De Beers Group, mainly because it's so important for me to work with brands that I feel are aligned with my convictions and core values. It's so important that we all support companies like this one, who work with charities like NAACP & Stepping Stones International because they are using their power to positively impact the world in every way that they can.” 

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ReSet Collective launches today with an online auction at Sotheby’s, and all proceeds will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Stepping Stones International.