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Hit the Slopes Outfitted in the Latest Ski Technology With These Bode Miller x Revo Ski Goggles

Six-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller is bringing tech innovation to the slopes this year.


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Most mountain resorts across the U.S. opened in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, which means we’re now firmly in the first week of ski season. And as winter sports get underway, the ski accessories and apparel this season requires comes into focus. So the timing is right for Revo’s announcement that Bode Miller will be joining their ranks as a global ambassador for the 2020 to 2021 winter season to launch a limited-edition goggles capsule collection. Miller, a two-time World Cup champion with six Olympic medals, is partnering with the luxury sunglasses brand to help inform ski goggles with the latest technology innovations.

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Their Revo x Bode Miller goggles collection features first-in-industry polarized Serilium+ lenses, which are meant to reduce glare on the slopes, filter out harmful UV, HEV, and blue light, and have impact-resistant strength. Further, the photochromic lens tech automatically adjusts to the light conditions on the mountain. Miller used his experience on the slopes to help steer the brand’s product development and really infused the capsule collection with his own expertise. The Revo x Bode Miller goggles, which are compatible with prescription inserts and come in two lens color choices (Blue Water and Solar Orange) are $229—with a percentage of the proceeds going toward Miller’s youth sports non-profit Turtle Ridge Foundation.

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Miller, who was also crucial in the testing process of the goggles and is particularly sensitive to light, is keen on the goggles’ high-tech polarized protection. His partnerships this year are reflective of his interest in how the technology space can impact the world of winter sports on a broader scale. Another endeavor of Miller’s this year is SKEO, a digital ski coach that he collaborated with Dr. Martin Kawalski on. SKEO utilizes analytics to help skiers hone their technique. The app can be paired with wearable sensors and uses SKEO’s tech to help skiers shift their body position and improve their balance and execution. The goal is to harness the power of tech and Miller’s expertise to ski not just better, but safer.


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