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The Must-Have Equipment for Your At-Home Yoga Studio

Say namaste to your new meditation pillow.


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Creating a space for your at-home yoga practice can help you commit to coming back to your mat every day. Whether you're tuning into online yoga workshops or are working on a self-guided practice, the time spent on your yoga mat should be entirely your own—devoid of distraction from text messages, phone calls, and work memos pulling you back towards the stress of real life. From bolsters to blocks and, of course, our favorite yoga mat, these are the products every yogi needs for their at-home studio. Please note, this equipment pairs well with a dried bundle of sage, and your favorite candles or incense, and may cause unfamiliar feelings of total relaxation.

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow

A yoga bolster is really the unsung hero of yoga props. Yes, it could be argued that blocks get a lot more use during a vinyasa flow, but leaning on your bolster (pun semi-intended and semi-regretted) when you start and end your practice can provide a soothing respite for your muscles—particularly your sit bones and your lower back. We like to use this bolster under our knees during savasana.

To buy: $67.99,

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

You could scour the web for hours looking for the best yoga mat—there are just too many choices. Our recommendation is the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. Manduka creates luxe, eco-friendly yoga equipment, and the grip and cushion on their pro series mats are very nearly unbeatable. From the "performance grip" to the "hygienic, closed cell construction," this is an expertly designed yoga mat. Manduka is so sure you'll love it that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

To buy: $120,

Gaiam Yoga Block

The best yoga teachers will tell you that modifications are a sign of strength. Understanding your limits, realizing when you need to bring the floor to you, and having the foresight to not pull a muscle is exceptionally valuable. This is where blocks come in. We like to set two up at the front of our mat before each practice and use intermittently for postures like supported bridge (perfect for a mini-meditation), side angle, or pyramid pose to bring the ground closer to you. The Gaiam yoga block is non-slip and latex-free.

To buy:, $11.98

Lululemon The Towel

The perfect purchase for yogis heading into summer, The Towel by Lululemon is an "absorbent microfibre towel" that can be layered over your mat or kept next to your blocks to have on hand as you flow. We recommend lightly spraying the towel before laying it over your mat for better grip. Even for an at-home practice, having a towel over your mat adds a nice cushion and absorbs sweat (you'd be surprised how quickly practicing with the windows open in July starts to feel like hot yoga).

To buy: $38,

Gaiam Yoga Strap

Working a five-minute stretch into your practice is great for stress relief and flexibility. Elevating your legs with your back on your yoga mat and using your strap to effectively "touch your toes" is a great stretch. You can also plant your sit bones and try this in a pike position as well.

To buy: $10.55,

Lululemon Double Roller

At the end of your practice (or after a run or a pilates session), spend some time rolling out your muscles. Owning a foam roller, much like having a bolster on hand, is truly an underrated luxury. Make sure to thoroughly roll your calves and thighs if you're doing a lot of squat work or have been running. Lululemon's foam roller is a two-in-one; The horizontal grooves of the outer roller are recommended for rolling out arms and legs. The foam roller on the inside is easily removable and has vertical grooves, good for rolling out your back.

To buy: $58,

Brentwood Home Natural Yoga Pillow Set

Cultivating an atmosphere of coziness and welcoming energy is exactly what you want in an at-home yoga studio. We love the yoga pillow set from Brentwood Home specifically because of the meditation cushion and pranayama pillow. They're both part of the crystal cove pillow collection, which has "calming waves stitched into the soft stretch-knit cover." Use the meditation pillow by keeping your sit bones on the edge of the pillow and your legs crossed or in lotus position on the floor.

To buy: $149, Brentwood Home


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