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The Best Wine Fridges for Updating Your Home Bar

Storing your bottles at the right conditions is crucial to enjoying the perfect glass of wine.


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Whether you possess a sommelier-like knowledge about wine or are simply a social drinker who goes for an occasional glass at home, investing in a wine fridge is a must.

The first thing to consider when selecting the right cooler for your home is what kind of wine you prefer to drink—red or white. If you, like us, opt for both depending on your meal, then consider a dual-zone cooler.

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“Some fridges only hold one temperature, and some can hold two. If wine has a regular place on your dinner table, what’s in your fridge will almost certainly fluctuate,” said Jordan Nova, assistant director of food and beverage at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts, who was until recently the head sommelier there. “Even if you predominantly drink red wine, the flexibility to have the temperature for one area set to 59-degrees for red and another at 43-degrees for white/sparkling is almost essential.”

Before committing to a model, Nova also suggests checking which way the door opens (left or right) and if the orientation doesn’t fit your home interior, contact the supplier. “Many vendors have two types of each fridge in inventory,” he said.

Now peruse some of the best wine chillers that will keep your reds and whites in top condition for you to enjoy.

Vinotemp 33 Dual Zone Freestanding/Built-In Wine Refrigerator

Vinotemp’s new stylish black wine refrigerator is a perfect addition under any kitchen or bar counter. It has six sliding racks where you can store up to 33 standard-sized wine bottles. The dual-temperature feature allows you to store both your reds and whites at the right conditions to preserve their taste and flavor. Another bonus is the lock for added security.

You can use the left zone of the refrigerator to chill other drinks—it can hold up to 100 12-ounce cans.

To buy: $1,700, wayfair.com

EuroCave Premiere L Wine Cellar

Eurocave’s Premiere line of wine cellars is made for collectors who focus on wine aging. It is designed to imitate the conditions in natural wine caves and can fit up to 178 Bordeaux-sized bottles. It features 12 sliding shelves divided into individual cradles to prevent your bottles from rolling or clinking together. You can set the temperature in the fridge from the digital control panel that will also alert you to any issues through visual and audio alarms.

And last but not least, the cellar uses up to 64 percent less energy compared to refrigerators with similar capacity.

To buy: from $3,795, wineenthusiast.com

Miele Smart Wine Cellar

This smart wine refrigerator will not only store but also serve your favorite bottles at optimum conditions. That’s because it features a separate zone for cooling glasses, decanting, and conditioning newly open bottles. And while most refrigerators feature two temperature zones, this Miele wine cellar has three—perfect for red, white, and bubbly. The flexible design of the shelves allows you to adjust them to fit larger or smaller bottles.

And finally, you can monitor and control the cellar from a distance through Miele’s app.

To buy: $9,600, ajmadison.com

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 91-Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

If you’re in the market for a well-designed and practical built-in wine cellar, this Fisher & Paykel one will check all the boxes.

The 14 shelves can accommodate up to 91 standard-sized bottles that can be divided into two independently controlled temperature zones. The tempered glass door protects your bottles from harmful UV rays while the low-vibration compressor preserves the taste and flavor of the wine.

To buy: $7,000, bestbuy.com

U-Line 43 Bottle 2000 Series Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Refrigerator

This compact freestanding wine fridge is ideal for a smaller home bar or lounge area. It has enough space to accommodate about 43 bottles and will ensure they are stored at optimal conditions, both in terms of temperature and humidity. Other feature highlights include an automatic defrost mode, an audible door-open alarm, and a self-closing door mechanism.

To buy: $3,050, wayfair.com

LG 65-Bottle Wine Refrigerator with InstaView

All you have to do to open the door of LG’s ultra-sleek wine cellar is to (quite literally) say the word. The built-in ThinQ technology gives you quick access to your bottles of wine by simply detecting your voice.

Inside, the fridge is divided into three temperature zones and two convertible drawers that can be used to both chill or freeze drinks or food.

To buy: $6,300, bestbuy.com

Hestan 14-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

This is the ideal wine cellar for your outdoor kitchen or backyard. It holds up to 14 standard-sized bottles—seven per shelf— and features two separate cooling zones.

This boldly-designed refrigerator is available in eleven shades that will certainly add a pop of color to your entertainment or patio area.

To buy: $5,678, bestbuy.com

GE Profile Series Wine Center

GE’s modern wine cellar will fit in perfectly with your kitchen décor thanks to its classic stainless steel design. Store your reds and whites at perfect serving temperature thanks to the dual cooling zones. The recessed LED lighting allows you to see all the bottles without having to open the door, but if you’d like to conserve energy you can easily turn it off with a touch of a button.

To buy: $1,299, geappliances.com

Samsung 51-Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel

This stainless steel wine refrigerator won us over with its elegant LED lighting, telescopic rails, and dual temperature zones. It also has a fingerprint-resistant finish which will keep it looking in perfect condition for years to come. And with capacity for 51 bottles, it gives you plenty of space to store your favorite reds and whites at the best serving temperature.

To buy: $1,349, samsung.com

Kalamera 30 Bottle Built-In Or Freestanding With Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Door

A single cooling zone refrigerator is ideal for those oenophiles who prefer drinking mostly red or mostly white wine. Also, if you are mostly concerned with how your wine will age versus at what temperature it is served, then a single temperature cellar is your best bet.

This Kalamera 30-bottle one could be used both as a stand-alone cabinet or built-in into your existing ones. Its door is made from two layers of tempered glass that keeps the inside temperature consistent at all times. The security lock will ensure your most precious bottles are always where you leave them while the interior LED lights allow you to see inside the cooler.

To buy: $599, kalamera.com


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