Ski Goggles, Poles, and Boots: Our Editors' Guide to Every Stylish Ski Accessory You Need This Season

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Each week, our editors share their favorite products under a new, seasonally inspired theme. This week it’s all about preparing for ski season with top-of-the-line products on the market for both backcountry skiing and resort days.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Skiing is, by nature, a high maintenance sport: a lot of time, money, and deliberation goes into the setup and getting to the mountain. And yet, any die-hard ski lover will tell you that the payout is 100 percent worth the preparation. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of soaring down a mountain high above treeline, making turns in fresh powder, and finishing the day with a well-earned beer. Plus, looking cool while doing all of those things is kinda fun. (Pro tip: this book will provide you with some excellent inspiration as we enter ski season.)

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Maybe you’re in the market for some ski gear touch-ups to your current collection, or maybe you’re starting entirely from scratch. Regardless, we’ve selected top-of-the-line gear that fires on all cylinders in terms of functionality, safety, durability, and style. You’ll find our product lists are broken up by the type of skiing you’re shopping for, and by category: clothing (outerwear and layers) and gear (skis, boots, poles—the whole nine yards).

Read on for our editor-curated list of everything you’ll need, whether you’re Aspen-bound for a week of resort skiing, or braving the likes of Tuckerman Ravine. (And don’t worry. We didn’t forget après.)

Resort Skiing

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It can be easy to feel something of the “where do I even begin!” ilk when you’re getting set up for resort skiing. These products, however, will leave you ready for a few quick runs or a full day on the mountain, no matter what the weather throws at you (pro tip: it’s all about layers). Here, the focus is on well-made products that are long-lasting, functional, safe (including a COVID-conscious neck gaiter, mask included), and also pretty stylish. Check it out:



Backcountry Skiing

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When it comes to ski touring—also known as backcountry skiing, or off-piste—the set up is a little more complicated than resort skiing. Since you’ll be hiking up the mountain, you’ll need touring skis, skins, and bindings that allow for your boot to release on the uphill. (REI has an excellent guide to the world of responsible backcountry skiing, avalanche preparedness, and what to know about product variations here.) If you’re interested in shopping the creme de la creme of touring gear, we’ve got you covered.



Après Ski

From left: Courtesy Nordstrom; Courtesy Tnuck; Courtesy Kule

Maybe you’ve been on the slopes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are retired to the lodge for a hot toddy, or maybe you clocked a full day of powder skiing off-piste and want to head to a local watering hole. Either way, why not do it in style (and stay warm, of course). Some of our favorite fashion-meets-function après picks, below.