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The Most Luxury Fashion Sneakers on the Market Right Now

These are the best fashion sneakers you can buy—from the unrivaled, highest-end luxury brands.


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It's well esablished these days that an active lifestyle can still be fashion forward. In fact, the intersection of fashion and athletic wear has been a fairly prevalent subject in the last 10 years. This year, it’s informed fashion collaborations worldwide—like, Lululemon's recent collaboration with Roksanda to fuse high fashion with technical gear. As for the world of athletic shoes, fashion sneakers are certainly not a new phenomenon. In fact, legacy brands have always had a hand in shaping the technical design of trainers worn around the world. Whether you’re looking for a collector’s piece, a gift, or something to wear at a fashion week event, these fashion sneakers are made with artistry, the highest-quality materials, and a deep understanding of what makes a designer shoe.

Jimmy Choo Diamond Crystal Sneakers

The song “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” has never been more apt. Jimmy Choo’s diamond trainers are where high-end fashion and athletic footwear meet. The lace-up, chunky-soled shoes have no fewer than 4,546 individual crystals.

To buy: Harrod’s; $3,147.18

Gucci Women’s Sega Leather Lace Up Sneaker With Removable Crystals

The Gucci Sega Leather sneakers are highly functional while simultaneously making a very deliberate statement. Coming in an array of colors, the vibe of these sneakers is a touch more rugged, with the exterior verging on lace-up hiking boot style. The icing on the cake of these sneakers is, of course, the two removable diamond straps that snap into place.

To buy: Bloomingdale’s; $1,590

LV Trainer Sneaker Boot

These high-tops could very well become a collectible item as the Louis Vuitton signature on the sneaker-boot was handwritten by LV artistic director Virgil Abloh. Made from calf leather, the distinctive collar and velcro strap give their show-stopping 2019 men’s sneaker a vintage basketball feel.

To buy: Louis Vuitton; $1,610

Loro Piana Suede Sneakers

These suede-cashmere sneakers can seamlessly transition from business-casual into streetwear. The Loro Piana sneakers boast “Mongolian Hircus fibers [that] are passed through some 450 readings to ensure their purity.” Made in Italy, the lace-ups are high-fashion without sacrificing comfort.

To buy: Net-a-porter; $1,300

Roger Vivier Shearling-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

Rugged skate style meets haute Italian leather in this Roger Vivier sneaker design. Shearling-lined with winter warmth, the made in Italy high-tops also have a touch of hiking boot inspiration that informs the design. The sneaker is finished with Roger Vivier’s signature bold buckle.

To buy: Net-a-porter; $1,395

Versace Cross Chainer Sneakers

The Versace Chain Reaction line is designed for optimal movement and each Chain Reaction sneaker is “characterized by a lightweight, chain-linked rubber sole.” The Cross Chainer is the newest addition to the Chain Reaction collection. They still have the classic chain-linked soles, but are a lighter running shoe.

To buy: Versace; $1,195

Valentino Garavani Rockrunner

These leather-and-suede Valentino sneakers take a fresh, bright touch to camouflage shoes. The rose gold shines, while the classic Valentino studs at the heel of the shoe give it a street edge. Finally, the padded collar and rubber-trimmed soles ensure that the sneaker is comfortable and functional. Valentino calls their low-tops a “feminine take on the camouflage-print trend.”

To buy: Net-a-porter; $895

Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe

This collection is on its way to becoming a prolific Nike buy. Luxe artist Tom Sachs designed the Mars Yard Overshoe with wet weather in mind, hence the protective shell. According to Stadium Goods, the Mars Yard Overshoe was “released in extremely limited quantities in October 2018 at Dover Street Market in London, and then received a second release in March 2019 that was also limited.”

To buy: Stadium Goods; $1,999 (price varies by size)


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