Helping an Earthquake-Ruined Village in Nepal

Omar Havana / Getty Images

Help rebuild homes that were destroyed by the catastrophic earthquake that shook Nepal earlier this year.

My friend and I went on a trek in Nepal a few years ago with a wonderful guide named Dinesh Magar, who was also my mother’s guide a few years before. When the recent earthquake happened, we immediately contacted him to see if he and his family were okay. Thankfully, they were. We then asked if we could help by sending food, blankets, and medical equipment. Instead, he asked us to help find the money to buy sheet metal to rebuild houses in his village. In his words, “According to a recent Nepal Government survey, there are 102 houses completely destroyed—including mine—and 75 houses are partly damaged out of 420 in my village, Jantarkhani.” 

So, we decided to provide metal sheets for roofing and set a goal of helping Magar build 50 houses before winter, which can be brutal in Nepal. According to the calculations he sent, we need to raise $25,000 to do so. Your support will directly affect this community, and, by being directly in touch with Magar, we can monitor the progress. We plan to wire him the money directly via Western Union to avoid the high fees the Nepalese banks charge its customers and to get every penny to this community so it can rebuild. If you would like to donate, log onto