Charitable and Socially-Conscious Holiday Gifts

These unique, high-end finds for men, women, and children put an altruistic spin on the pleasures of giving.

Ed Kashi
OF 11

Arttn Gallery

Brand-new online art gallery Arttn is bringing art’s activism to the fore, partnering with esteemed photographers and nonprofit organizations to bring awareness to, and put funds toward, some of today’s most important. Each season, Arttn will launch a new digital exhibition tied to a specific impact project (women's empowerment and environmental conservation are just two they have in the works) that feature limited-edition artworks curated around the showcase’s social program. When a piece is purchased, roughly 20 percent of proceeds from the sale go to benefit the exhibit’s specially selected NGO partner. For their inaugural exhibition Free to Be—a collection of reportage-style works by photographers Ed Kashi, Nina Berman, and Amy Toensing, among others, that capture the resilience of women and children living in a world stripped of civil liberties—Arttn has partnered with Not For Sale, a nonprofit that works to protect communities around the world from modern-day slavery and human trafficking. (For this particular exhibit, at least 10 percent of each sale will benefit the organization’s work in Romania.) From, $2,000;