Charitable and Socially-Conscious Holiday Gifts

These unique, high-end finds for men, women, and children put an altruistic spin on the pleasures of giving.

Courtesy of Billy Reid
OF 11

John Besh & Billy Reid Apron

The stylish apron has become something of a bar- and cook-wear staple these days, where handsome, if slightly impractical designs in leather, denim, linen, and other fine materials are brandished by top bartenders and chefs alike (just look at Jenn Louis of Portland’s Lincoln restaurant and Jeff Bell of New York’s PDT for inspiration). The latest incarnation, from chef John Besh and designer Billy Reid, does one better by adding an altruistic perk. Twenty-two percent of proceeds from sales of their brand-new selvedge edged chambray apron (with copper hardware, leather cording, and a recipe for a Sazerac cocktail printed inside), totaling roughly $20, goes to benefit the John Besh Foundation, the chef’s nonprofit that aims to protecting and preserving the culinary heritage of New Orleans and the larger Gulf Coast region by funding culinary scholarships for local minority communities and providing microloans to farmers and artisanal producers. $95;