Charitable and Socially-Conscious Holiday Gifts

These unique, high-end finds for men, women, and children put an altruistic spin on the pleasures of giving.

Courtesy Liberty United
OF 11

Liberty United, Rifle Barrel Cufflinks

A staple among socially conscious wearables, Liberty United and its mission to curb gun violence is timelier now than ever before. Working with municipal police in places like New York State, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Launched in 2013, brand transforms illegal guns and ammunition into luxe adornments for men and women, with 20 percent (or more) of proceeds benefitting organizations working to protect and save the lives of children growing up under the threat of gun violence. These new octagonal cufflinks, evocative of a 1873 Winchester rifle barrel, are part of their latest collection, which launched this fall. Made of brass and plated in rhodium, 14k gold, hematite, or rose gold, they feature Liberty United’s moniker at their center in recycled gun metal, and bear the serial number of the firearm used to create them. $125;