Apps That Give Back: The Best of Digital Philanthropy

Making a difference every day has become a whole lot easier thanks to a handful of smart, charity-focused apps.

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Charity Miles

Charity Miles is the classic walkathon, but digitized for the 21st-century, step-counting obsessed: You go the distance, sponsors pitch in the funds. Start by selecting a participating nonprofit (Wounded Warrior Project, RED, and Autism Speaks are just a few you can choose from) and get walking, running, or biking. Your phone’s GPS will track your mileage while the app charts your donation’s growth in real time. The gifts are small (up to 25-cents a mile if by foot and 10 cents by bike), but because the app’s corporate sponsors (Humana, Kenneth Cole, and others) foot the bill, there’s no reason not to push it as far as you can go. Free for iOS and Android;