Apps That Give Back: The Best of Digital Philanthropy

Making a difference every day has become a whole lot easier thanks to a handful of smart, charity-focused apps.

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There’s an app to improve practically any part of your life—your daily schedule, your exercise regimen, even your social interactions. Spending time on these apps may be relatively harmless, but it is something of an exercise in self-absorption. Beyond familiar titles like Instagram and Candy Crush, however, there’s a subset of apps that look outward, helping you help others. These charity-focused apps streamline the process of making a donation down to a few clicks, while providing useful information about worthy causes you might not have otherwise known about. They’re all free, most borrow from the “every dollar counts” hive model, and some even let you perform simple activities, like walking or posting photos, to trigger donations that don’t cost you a dime. Here are seven apps that are sure to make you feel good about staying glued to your phone all day.