FEED Projects Feeds the World

Courtesy of Feedprojects.org

Lauren Bush Lauren’s creation continues to fight hunger in Africa and beyond, one bag at a time.

In 2006 Lauren Bush Lauren, a college student at the time, designed a tote bag to support the efforts of the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP), an organization she had traveled with throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. The sale of each of the FEED 1 bags fed one school-aged child for one year.

FEED Projects was officially born in 2007. Since, that original bag—along with more than 60 other products—has helped her organization contribute more than $6 million and close to 60 million school meals to children around the world with the help of the WFP and Feeding America. UNICEF is also a partner, helping FEED provide 3.5 million kids with vitamin supplements, too.

Brands like Clarins, Whole Foods, DKNY and Target have signed on, and FEED accessories and clothing—a variety of bags, scarves, bracelets and T-shirts—are unquestionably a hit. The original bag ($80) provides one child with school meals for a year; the FEED 2 Kenya Bag ($250; pictured here) supplies two children in Kenya with meals for a year. And along the way, Bush Lauren, founder and CEO, has grown into one of the most respected socially entrepreneurial spirits of her generation, proving how much good one covet-worthy bag can really do. FEEDprojects.org.