Personal Effects: Lea Golis

The DEPARTURES Photo Director talks the items she can’t live—or travel—without.

“I am a mother so I try to be prepared for everything, however I do like to travel light and hate lugging around multiple bags and extra gear. I'm always looking for things that could serve multiple purposes while also being good-looking—a travel tote that could also operate as a purse, etc. If I can, I will leave the computer and iPad behind because less screen time is a good thing. I like to have a deck of cards available as my husband I will play games while on a train or waiting for our flight. I bought my Rolleiflex camera about 15 years ago and it still works well, except for a broken focusing magnifier. I love using this camera when I travel—you can’t see the results until you get home and develop the film. It’s a beautiful object and good conversation starter when I take pictures of people. I’m usually a white wine drinker but I do love a good Malbec, especially one that tastes very earthy. My husband is from Argentina and I’ve gotten hooked. Kiehl’s corrective cream is also essential—it’s great for flights and refreshes my skin! Luxury for me is about saving time and emphasizing the experience—and very good wine.”


Citizens playing cards, $10;
Ona leather laptop bag, $390;
Rolliflex camera;
Ayni malbec, $36;
Kiehl’s face cream, $82;

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