Personal Effects: Paola Russo

The fearless French founder of L.A.–based fashion boutique Just One Eye talks the day-to-day items she can’t live without.

“My Beau Souci cashmere sweater is one wardrobe staple that I can rely on throughout all seasons. My jade bracelet is my lucky charm—I never take it off—and my Gucci leather belt is something I wear everyday. It’s a classic piece, and it’s easy with everything. My all time signature fragrance is Sultry Rose by Eric Buterbaugh Florals. Light, but seductive. It takes me back to a beautiful rose garden—it’s absolutely stunning. My handbag motto is, ‘The bigger, the better.’ Whether I’m commuting to work or traveling, I like a big tote to keep all my essentials close at hand. When I put my running shoes on, my mind knows that there is a 100 percent chance that I am going for a run. The endorphins keep me coming back.”


Beau Souci, from $125;
Gucci studded leather belt, $660;
Eric Buterbaugh Florals Sultry Rose perfume, from $295;
The Row canvas and leather tote bag, $2,750;
Nike training shoe, $150;

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