Personal Effects: Mish Tworkowski

The New York–based fine jewelry designer—known for his whimsical creations in pearls and precious stones—talks the most treasured things in his life.

“For me, required luxuries are those special things that bring a smile to your face each and every day. Every morning, my partner, Joseph Singer, and I are woken by a very special and beautiful alarm clock: Our dog, Mobi’s, tail happily beating against the mattress. It is time to get up and start our day! I love coffee and the La Colombe cappuccino that they make for me with 2-percent milk at their SoHo location is the best! I indulge in so many of them that the baristas actually refer to the drink as “The Mish” among themselves. Almost every day I wear one of my most loved possessions: the Mish gold belt buckle that Joseph and our workshop made for me for my birthday. If I ever get lost, people will know how to return me! I usually wear French cuff shirts and will always pick my Boulder Opal and Brown Diamond cufflinks to put on. It is as if an ocean is captured inside those stones. I always have my Mish money clip in my pocket. My best friend Roberta Louckx had it made for me by a famous western saddle maker when I was a very young man. I’ve held it close every day since. It is my good luck charm. Joseph had made for me my special Goyard wallet one Christmas. Every time he looks at it he asks me if I want a new one, but I love that my name is almost worn off. It reminds me how much I love the gift. It also has a hidden purple heart on the inside! Flowers have great meaning for me both spiritually and intellectually. I use them constantly as inspiration for my design work and, as a board member of The New York Botanical Garden, I always think about their importance to the planet. My studio is always filled with them! I could not live without my digital calipers. They help me joyfully measure stones and pearls all day long! My Hermes Diary is absolutely fantastic and the color of the leather is amazing. It always reminds me of fire opals. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I can think of no better way to spend my day than writing with a wonderful purple pen!”


La Colombe, 270 Lafayette St., New York, NY;
Customized Goyard wallet; available only in boutiques;
Hermès agenda, $1,200;

Pentel violet needle tip pen, $6;

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