Personal Effects: Alison Chemla 

The creative mind behind graphic, playful jewelry brand Alison Lou talks about the everyday pieces—and people—she couldn’t live without.

“Every Monday morning, I start my to-do list in my little green Hermès notebook to get my week started. It’s the only way I can make sure I get everything done. I can’t live without my sketchbook, either. I need to draw everything out for my collections, and similar to my notebook, it’s important for me to have it with me so I can quickly jot down a new idea as soon as I have it. I was never huge into skin products—I was raised on the idea of using a bar of soap and everything will be just fine. That changed as soon as I was introduced to Biologique Recherche products at Aida Bicaj. Their products changed my skin drastically. I barely have to wear make-up and they give such a glow to your skin! If I had to choose one of their products, it would be the P50 toner; it’s the most important step and it stings in the best way possible. Lip balm, no matter what, is something I always have on me. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips. I recently discovered Tony Moly’s Bbo Bbo, which is really cute and smells good, not to mention super hydrating. It’s a Korean product, which is all the rage these days, but it really is great! I’m normally wearing at least 15 pieces of jewelry every day. I have all my samples and archives at my office so I get to be creative with what I want to wear every day. My style is very casual, so my jewelry is what really speaks to my style. I feel naked without it! My family is always No. 1. We’re constantly in communication—I speak to my parents at least three times a day, as well as my two sisters. I don’t make any big decisions without them, and they guide me not only in my personal life, but also in any big business decision I make. I know that they always have my best interests at heart (as I do theirs) and I feel so lucky to have such amazing yet different relationships with each of them.”


Hermès leather notebook, $295;
Bee Paper sketch pad, $18;

Biologique Recherche exfoliating toner; price upon request;
Bbo Bbo lip balm, $10;
Alison Lou 14-karat yellow gold and pave white diamond earrings; $595;

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