Personal Effects: Heather Halberstadt

The DEPARTURES Features Director talks the gear—and hobbies—she couldn’t live without. 

“I’m not terribly sentimental. I don’t hold onto things. I don’t collect things. It’s about sports with me. I’m a triathlete so my Garmin Forerunner is almost always on my wrist, as I’m almost always swimming, biking, or running. Biking has been a favorite hobby for years. I just went for it this year and splurged, getting a cervelo R5. It’s worth every penny. SLT is my boutique fitness class of choice. The Pilates-based workout is brutal in the best possible way. I try to never miss Allie on Sundays. I’m a maniac about UNC's basketball team. So is my Dad. It’s our thing. Once a year we go even down to the Dean Dome for a game, and I own more gear than should be allowed, considering, well, I didn’t go to the school. I am a sucker for a fabulous pair of heels, especially those with red soles.”


Garmin watch, $120;
Cervelo R5 road bike, $7250;
SLT classes, from $40;
Christian Louboutin heels;

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