Personal Effects: Lisa Mayock

The CFDA-recognized designer and co-founder of women’s fashion brands Vena Cava and MONOGRAM—a brand-new venture in chic graphic tees that she runs with her husband and fellow fashion designer Jeff Halmos—talks about the everyday things she can’t live without.

“If you've ever eaten at our house, you may know that I'm a salt obsessive and that I salt (some may say over-salt) everything. We have a rainbow of salts in our kitchen, but Maldon sea salt flakes are my favorite. I recently discovered that they make tiny "pinch tins" for traveling, so I can always have them on my person. I don't feel like myself without red nails, and NARS Nail Polish in Dovima is my color. It's a true red that feels very ’80s, like a "Robert Palmer girl" red. Our MONOGRAM “Wet” t-shirt is my favorite graphic right now. I love it tucked into a high-waist trouser with a great belt and lots of jewelry. The fit is generous and the jersey is paper-thin—it feels like something I've owned for 15 years. I use Pantone Color Swatch Books for absolutely everything! They’re my go-to for color matching and recoloring prints, decorating, trying to find makeup colors, etcetera. I would be lost without Pantone. Pigma Micron Pens have been my favorite drawing pens for as long as I can remember. They have a whole range of superfine tips for the skinniest, most precise, elegant line. I have always loved and been so inspired by old magazines—the photography, editorials, color palette, typefaces. All of those things together are so evocative of a specific point in time. My current favorites include Eros, Avante Garde, Oui, Viva, and Nest, and I spend about 30 minutes daily hunting for them ones online. My husband Jeff and I buy Chocolove chocolate bars in bulk. We currently have a huge stack in our cupboard. We go through chocolate bars like water over here. My favorite scent for everyday is Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake from D.S. and Durga. I also have a beautiful custom perfume that was made for my wedding that we called ‘Shitty Roses.’ I wear it once a year on our anniversary.”


Maldon sea salt flake tins, $5;
NARS red nail polish, $20;
MONOGRAM vintage-style t-shirt, $68;
​​​​​​​Pigma pens, $9;
Chocolove chocolate bars, from $5;
D.S. and Durga perfume, $180;

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