Personal Effects: Jeff Press

The chief designer and creative director of legendary eyewear company Morgenthal Frederics talks the items, precious and otherwise, that he holds most dear.

"When considering the things I really cannot live without, I end of flipping through photos on my iPhone of my daughter, Mika, my niece, Isabella, and my wife. The other things are just decorations, but I have some good ones. I have to point to my Chrome Hearts banded Rolex watch that my wife, Melissa, gave me for my 40th, my rings—including my Reinstein Ross wedding band—my Morgenthal Frederics sunglasses, and Bowers & Wilkins headphones. Beyond that, hand me some chopsticks and feed me!”


Bowers & Wilkins headphones, $200;
Morgenthal Frederics custom buffalo horn sunglasses, $2,495; available in boutiques only;

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