Necessary Luxury: Thom Browne

James Wojcik

A highly personal inventory of essential items


“I’m not a big collector, but there are certain things that are important to you, and at a certain point people begin to identify you with them. When I first designed a gray suit, I did it with the idea of the uniform. There’s something confident and masculine about wearing the same thing every day. If I’m not in my wingtips, I’m in my Nike running shoes. I’ve been wearing Nikes since college. They are stable—and I run a lot, and outside. We exhibited Michael Hainey’s paintings at my store, in TriBeCa, this past fall. This one is called Queen Mother, a smart commentary on growing up Catholic. It’s very true to Michael: You look at it and know someone really intelligent created it.”

Michael Hainey’s work is available at