Eli Broad’s Necessary Luxury

James Wojcik

Philanthropist, Art Collector, Entrepreneur

“Every night I leave the office with my L.L.Bean bag bulging from paperwork, and each morning I unload it on
my staff. Scientists at the Broad Institute have decoded my genome—of all our areas of philanthropy, the scientific research
will have the greatest impact. Thus, my doctor would flip if he knew of my weakness for In-N-Out’s Double-Double
burger. Wherever we are, we visit museums, but MoCA, which I helped found in 1979, is my favorite. I’m a Michigan State
alum, and I go back for football and basketball games whenever I can. And this paperweight, with its quote from
George Bernard Shaw, has been on my desk throughout my four careers: accounting, home building, retirement
savings, philanthropy. It was a gift from Edye, my better half. I’d be lost without her.”

Broad’s The Art of Being Unreasonable will be published in April, the same month the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University will open.