Daphne Guinness’s Necessary Luxury

James Wojcik

Heiress, Artist and Fashion Icon

“I love this antique Fred Leighton brooch I found. It’s better than a safety pin and I pair it with ribbons worn around my neck, hair or waist, depending on my mood. My black Givenchy sunglasses are sturdy enough to withstand the bedlam of my handbag. That’s always a good thing. When I was a child, I realized that it was far easier to write with calligraphy pens, and Rotring Art Pens are the only ones I bother with now—I can’t type! And Shakespeare, I love—you can read his plays over and over and still find new layers to discover.”

“Daphne Guinness,” an exhibition featuring about 100 garments and accessories from guinness’s personal collection, opens September 16 at The museum at the fashion institute of technology. At 227 W. 27th St., New York City.