Necessary Luxury: William Ivey Long

James Wojcik

The six-time Tony Award–winning costume designer (whose latest production, A Bronx Tale, opened December 1) shares his essentials.

1. The miniature of Cecil Beaton’s Ascot hat for Eliza Doolittle in the film of My Fair Lady was made for me by the great mil- liner Woody Shelp. It’s my favorite costume design of all time.

2. My miniature red top hat; another Woody creation. It’s based on those he made for the original A Chorus Line. I drew on the color and shape for my designs for Broadway Baby.

3. All of my typed correspondence comes from this Royal Upright.

4. I use my Montblanc fountain pen for all of my handwritten correspondence (on Tiffany stationery).

5. I drop a few green feathers into every envelope of correspondence. (Yes, correspondence is an obsession.)

6. My repp ties. I like both English and American angles of the stripe.

7. My colored-pencil drawing by my neighbor, the great artist Louise Bourgeois. It signifies my wearing only repp ties.

8. A costume sketch for the 1956 production of Candide by the great Irene Sharaff— one of my heroes.