Summer Must-Haves: The Perfect Picnic Foods and Gear

Picnic in style this summer with our picks for the best coolers, blankets, totes, and more—plus the snacks to bring along.

Farideh Sadeghin
OF 21

Picnicking is one of the joys of summer: Whether you hit the park, the beach, or simply spread out a blanket in your own back yard, there's little to rival the pleasure of a simple meal enjoyed in the open air. The ideal picnic is light and portable, of course, but that doesn't mean you need to settle for paper plates and plastic cups; with the right gear, it's possible to have a truly elegant spread without sacrificing either style or portability. To that end, we rounded up all the essentials to bring along on your adventures outdoors this summer, including the best and most beautifully designed totes and coolers, tableware and knives, trays and napkins—plus a few of our favorite cheeses, meats, wine, and snacks to pack alongside.