The Stainless-Steel Charcoal Grill

Courtesy Eva Solo

Just in time for summer’s ritual activities, Eva Solo’s sleek, stainless-steel design proves a charcoal grill can be a thing of beauty.

There once was a time when every American had a Weber kettle grill in his backyard, its round shape and flame-red color accenting many a patio. Today’s grills are decidedly more complicated, built into backyard decks and fueled by propane. But the charcoal barrel grill from Danish design duo Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek for Eva Solo makes for a simple alternative: Consider it a sleeker version of the basic Weber. Its portable, solid stainless-steel barrel discreetly holds a charcoal bucket, and the flat lid doubles as a small tabletop (which can be used for an impromptu beach picnic). The grill comes in two sizes and will also soon be available in a gas version—though only the charcoal kind allows for a woodburning after-dinner bonfire. From $700;

Ask the Expert: Campion Platt, Architect and Interior Designer

What are the tips of a grill master?
When in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, I grill almost every day. I use Kingsford Original Charcoal briquettes, along with mesquite wood kindling for flavor. One has to know the exact time to cook, which is when the briquettes are red-hot with a small flame. And when it comes to grill placement, the best rule is to know which way the wind is blowing—you don’t want to burn down the house over a good meal!