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Smoke Signals

The Hoodie of the Future


The Hoodie of the Future

British clothier Vollebak makes garments for today’s superhero.

Tonga Room, San Francisco.

Wine and Spirits

The Sweet Escape

On the enduring allure of the tiki bar.

The Perfect Pour

Wine and Spirits

The Perfect Pour

A deep dive into the world of Macallan Scotch whisky.

Nobody is quite as passionate as the outdoor chef, who until recently had to make do too often with, well, let's say, style-free grills. Thankfully, those days are over—these backyard beauties are built to function as year-round alfresco kitchens, customized with multiple cooking surfaces, warming shelves, and, most important, serious firepower.

EVO FLATTOP Besides broiling, this ambidextrous propane grill can also bake, stir-fry, boil, poach, and smoke. $2,595. Frontgate, 800-533-7502;

QUAD QUE The cone-shaped design of this charcoal and wood grill allows for equal distribution of heat to its many racks. Close the doors and it becomes a smoker. $580. Fire Science, 716-568-2224;

C4 OUTDOOR COOKER This ceramic-lined charcoal grill—with gas burners and a generous storage drawer—retains heat well and cooks evenly. $4,425, including 41-inch cart. Viking, 888-845-4641;

TUNDRA GRILL This seven-foot-tall colossus is equipped with adjustable skewers, three swing-out skillets (perfect for sautéing vegetables and making sauces), and, oh yes, a 37-inch-diameter grill basin. $2,600. Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, 800-321-1484;


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