Savoir Beds

Courtesy of Savoir Beds

Sweet dreams, indeed.

Long a symbol of British craft and heritage (the first Savoir beds were created in 1905 to give guests of the Savoy Hotel the ultimate night’s sleep), in March Savoir is releasing its most spectacular bed ever, an ornately designed limited-edition series of 50 called the Royal Bed. We spoke with creative director Roger Ericson about Savoir’s enduring appeal.

Q: There are lots of luxury bedding brands out there—Hästens, Magniflex, Duxiana. What makes Savoir different?

A: A lot of other brands don’t want to spend 60 to 70 hours making beds like we do—or use materials like lambswool, cashmere and horsehair. Unlike something mass-produced, these are the Aston Martins of beds.

Q: Is it a challenge to continue working this way?

A: Our biggest challenge, really, is quick development. We have only a handful of people with the skill to make these beds the same way we have since 1905, and they’re having to create them and teach that craftsmanship to a new generation of artisans at the same time.

Q: The process sounds involved—does that mean one can’t simply walk into the New York showroom and go home with a bed?

A: Not at all. If you order a bed in New York, it takes between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on what you select, because each mattress is made to order.

Q: That sounds far too long! For a bed?

A: See, that’s what we want to change about how people think about our product—you spend a third of your life in a bed, so it should be as much a luxury product as a bag or piece of fashion. Why shouldn’t you wait for it to be perfect?

Savoir beds start at $13,950; Royal Beds, at $175,000;