The Round Table

Choosing a dining-room table and chairs used to be a fairly straightforward affair: You opted for elegant pieces that paired well with fine china and silver. Then came open floor plans, multifarious spaces that complicated things, forcing us to rethink casual as more sophisticated. Asked by one client how to strike the right balance, Toronto-based designer Katherine Newman and her architect partner, Peter Cebulak, devised an ingenious solution—the Six Amigos table and chairs. Comfortable enough for a game of bridge or poker, it has a polished aesthetic that makes it appropriate for dinner, too. Horizontal and vertical lines along the chairbacks achieve a dynamic symmetry so it’s suitable for modern and classic interiors. The chairs themselves maximize space when tucked under the tabletop, and as an added measure of cleverness, the whole ensemble recalls a giant puzzle. $ Shown in mahogany; custom colors and finishes available. Price upon request; contact Lona Design,

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