Plush Life

Geoffrey Sokol

Thread count has made sheet experts of us all, and two little-known phrases will soon do the same for towels: "grams per square meter" and "Giza 70." The best way to explain these terms is via the most extraordinary towels on the market, called the Super Pile, by the Portuguese company Abyss. Their weight of 700 grams per square meter is multiples higher than that of most terry cloth out there, so they feel as luxuriously soft and plush as a sheet of satin-lined velvet. "Giza 70" refers to the region west of Cairo where the finest cotton is produced. (Like coffee beans’ or grapes’, cotton’s provenance counts.) And though embroidered accents may be lovely, Abyss towels lack such stitching for a reason: The decorative touch is the culprit behind permanent ripples, which quickly turn a rectangular towel into an hourglass. The bias trim around the edge—and the caliber of the cotton—ensures that these towels will keep their shape forever…and look more elegant as a result. Towels, from $15 (washcloth) to $115 (bath sheet); 800-288-3696;