Master of the House

Greg Jordan Inc. architects and designers

In the competing worlds of building and design, rarely do the twain meet, and almost never harmoniously. Greg Jordan Inc. has long been a cherished exception to this rule, with a team of architects and designers who guide clients through entire projects, from designing and building a home to decorating it down to the last detail. Now, at Jordan's Upper East Side showroom, you can rely on his expert eye for that ever-so-perfect individual piece as well. Jordan's aesthetic is guided by 18th- and 19th-century English and Continental tenets, as well as an intelligent allowance for modern living. "What we sell is quality of life," Jordan explains. "Despite our individual tastes, we all want the same thing at home—comfort." Jordan artfully incorporates elements from around the world. For instance, two pen drawings that looked from a distance to be Cy Twomblys turned out to be an Indian mantra written over and over in tight, neat, looping scrolls. Amid the furnishings and bibelots, you'll also find Jordan's new line of 30 upholstered pieces for Scalamandré. 504 East 74th Street, New York, NY 10021; 212-570-4470.