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Decorator Victoria Hagan’s New Book

There are some decorators who find a signature style and stick to it year after year, house after house. Victoria Hagan refuses to subscribe to that formula. “I think my work is often difficult to categorize,” says Hagan, who’s now designing an oceanfront house in Malibu and an over-the-top apartment in the Plaza. In her book, Victoria Hagan: Interior Portraits (Rizzoli), the first in her 25-year career, her aim was to “show how my point of view translates into various styles and periods.” The 200-plus-page tome offers no do-it-yourself advice or glue-gunning craft diagrams; rather, it’s a gloriously indulgent chronicle of beautifully designed residences around the country: a 24,000-square-foot Palm Beach manse, a home along Lake Michigan, even the Park Avenue apartment Hagan did for her own family. In each, one searches for her trademarks: a certain refined simplicity and pieces “destined to be heirlooms,” like exquisite textiles (she’s especially fond of Sultanabads from Mansour, with whom she has a collection). They are there, for sure, but there’s also “a touch of the unexpected.” So perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that when asked for her dream client, Hagan, an elegant, modern traditionalist, responds, “Bond. James Bond.”


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