The Big Chill

Smeg's FAB fridge may be the summer's coolest import.

Witness the fridge of your future. Smeg, the company that brought to market some of the sleekest stainless steel appliances we've seen, leads another design charge on the kitchen. Well before American manufacturers began dipping their toes into the color pool, Smeg was in deep. Its vaguely retro FAB refrigerator comes in fire-engine red, pale blue, pink, cream, pastel green, deep blue, silver, and black. For now, American devotees have to special order and hardwire these 220-volt beauties (shipping costs usually run about $500; the conversion $150). Color is beginning to catch on stateside. Viking Range offers refrigerators in 14 more-subdued but equally as tasty shades—eggplant, mint julep, and lemonade, to name a few. And a Smeg revolution can't be too far behind.

Smeg, $1,535 to $2,290; Viking Range, $5,400-$8,000; 888-845-4641;