All About Eva

A supremely simple tea set

Four years ago, when the legendary ceramicist Eva Zeisel accepted James Klein and David Reid's invitation to design vases for their Brooklyn pottery studio, KleinReid, she was 92. This inaugurated the Eva line, an ongoing collaboration between the Hungarian-born nonagenarian designer and the duo, who are in their early thirties. A supremely simple tea set, with a matching pair of slender pitchers, is their most recent offering. Zeisel, whose seminal tableware of the '40s and '50s infused clean modernist shapes with rich emotional warmth, "did paper sketches, cutting a form and unfolding it," explains Klein. If the method recalls the paper cutouts that Matisse produced in his old age, so does its results: The tea set, like the cutouts, displays a sovereign clarity and exultant ease—the serene confidence of a lifetime's know-how. Zeisel has described her work as "the playful search for beauty." Here is its apotheosis.

Teapot ($159), creamer and sugar bowl ($99), pitcher set ($285). At, or call 718-388-9331 for nearest retailer.