Up Against the Wall

Anya Larkin's handmade wall coverings

Like many of the best talents in the world of home decoration, Anya Larkin began her career in fashion, applying her training as a fine artist to the creation of painted silk fabrics for couturiers like Mary McFadden. But in 1983 she became interested in wallpaper, and soon she was using her aesthetic and technical know-how to design and manufacture handmade wall coverings. In her "couture" line, Larkin specifies a characterful Japanese rice paper as the base on which to present her designs. Hand techniques used to create the richly impastoed background characteristic of her wallpapers include brushing, sponging, stippling, screen printing, and rag-rolling. Her signature precious-metal patterns are then applied by hand, lending the finished product the shimmering aura of an evening gown. Prices are per yard. Background: Zephyr, Twilight/Cielo, $82. From left: Gold Rush, Silver Leaf on Beige, $82; Opaline, Sienna, $75; Equinox, Multibeige, $69; Oragami, Aki, $82; Piazza, Jade, $75; Filigree Lace, Chamois, $81.

Anya Larkin Ltd., 212-532-3263; www.anyalarkin.com.