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Tommy Hilfiger Is Selling Off Personal Home Decor Pieces

The famed fashion designer and his wife are selling personal items from both their Connecticut mansion and their Plaza Hotel penthouse, which just sold after sitting on the market for 11 years.


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Tommy Hilfiger is known for his classic style that’s dominated the fashion and home decor market for decades. And it was that same mindset the designer used when decorating his landmark Connecticut mansion. But now fans have a chance to own more than just a branded store item as it was just revealed Tommy and Dee Hilfiger would be selling pieces from their home on Sotheby’s Home.

Tommy’s love for all things Americana and Dee’s European sophistication are in full display among the items listed. “Authentic original design of an English country manor and Swiss hunting lodge,” as Tommy described it in a statement.

Take entertaining pieces like the all-in-one Baccarat Cave à Liqueur, which is expected to fetch at least $3,795. Other fun home décor finds include household names like Hermès and Dior. An Hermes Horse and Jockey Print Pillow starts at $140 while three Dior Palladio Ashtrays are listed for a starting price of $195. Other pieces include a forty-six-star American flag for $300, a Victorian-style Chesterfield Sofa for $2,000, and custom Tartan throw pillows for $200.

“I love all the authentic framed nautical flags, the enormous drums we used as shelves in Sebastian’s bedroom, and the Americana eagle sculptures because I’m obsessed with Americana,” said Tommy.

Anything leopard is actually from their Plaza Hotel penthouse. So, you can own pieces from two homes. And there are some famous British pieces too that the Hilfigers bought from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor auction at Sotheby’s years ago. “I loved the imagery and chic lifestyle they lived,” said Tommy.

Some offers have already been made after just being available online for a few hours. The site also details how to decorate like the Hilfigers by showing some products as they were in the home. But Dee recommended going with your gut. “Use your own taste level,” she said in a statement. “Decorators aren’t mind readers, give them specific direction.”

The consignment will be available on Sotheby’s Home until all items are sold.


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