A New Line of Must-Have Homewares from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co

Inspired by the Art Deco architecture of Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, the company’s new chief artistic officer has raised the bar on New York City souvenirs.

That most iconic of Manhattan stores, at 727 Fifth Avenue, opened in 1940 and became a bona fide citadel of Gotham romance and pop culture history. The building was designed by the architecture firm Cross & Cross, and its soaring corner entrance is filigreed with a simple, abstract wheat-leaf motif—Art Deco in period but timeless in appeal—that is meant to represent the Americana symbol of golden wheat fields. The motif has now been reinterpreted for the company’s new line of homewares, including the teacups above, by new chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff.

“Tiffany, to me, is truly the only American luxury brand that stands behind craftsmanship,” Krakoff says. “Everyone talks about quality today. Everyone talks about luxury. But Tiffany actually is both those things.” This sentiment is embodied in his other new decor products, which include the most mundane items—drinking straws, first aid boxes, ice buckets, among others—rendered under Tiffany’s exacting standards in sterling silver, porcelain, leather, and crystal. Because why not buy your sterling silver ruler where you get your diamond solitaire engagement ring?

Tiffany & Co. Wheat Leaf bone china cups and saucers, $425 for a set of four; tiffany.com.