Decorating’s New Stars

The next generation of New York interior-designing gentlemen.

Weston Wells
OF 9

The Polymath: Joshua Greene

Joshua Greene arrived in Manhattan for his freshman orientation at New York University only to find that he didn’t have a dorm room. “I asked about studying abroad,” he recalls, noting that most freshmen weren’t allowed to do so, “and I went to Paris for a year.” It was fortuitous. Greene then scored an internship with Women’s Wear Daily and W, working for the publications during college, and was hired at WWD after graduation. The West Coast native was tapped to cover ready-to-wear and textiles. But he’d always been fascinated by architecture and managed to secure an internship with architect David Mann after leaving the publishing world. Working for Mann inspired him to take a career-discovery program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and the courses showed him that he “wanted to be a decorator and create beautiful spaces” rather than pursue architecture.

Again, with almost no training, except his time with Mann and as a child accompanying his interior designer mother to sites, he set about a new career. “I had been a journalist, and I didn’t go to school for it, so I thought, I can make this happen if I just work hard.” He did. Through fashion connections, Greene, now 36, landed at Ralph Lauren in decorative store development. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and worked for White House decorator Michael Smith and, in 2014, started his firm with Katrina Hernandez, his colleague at New York–based design firm Sawyer Berson. Sometimes, he says, “you just have to bite the bullet.” 917-743-2753;