Smart, Chic and Prefab

Courtesy LodgeDen

French company Tantdem creates spectacular custom prefabricated houses in Indonesia.

I first discovered these Lodgeden prefabricated houses (which are made by the French company Tantdem but produced on the island of Java) at one of the largest home shows in Europe called Maison et Objet, in Paris. What’s magical about them is that they’re adventure meets comfort, Out of Africa meets mobile. You know, camping is by definition not luxurious, but these are such beautifully crafted, self-contained units that I’d be thrilled to spend several days in them. They can be customized to your exact specifications out of teak for $1,330 per square meter (33-611/22-48-58;, and what I love is that there’s a real sense of Southeast Asian ease to them. Whereas a lot of architecture in the West incorporates space simply by putting windows and doors on walls, these hew more closely to Eastern architecture because, you’ll notice, there’s no real distinction between interior and exterior—even “inside” the house, it’s all about open space and open air, which creates a very meditative mood. To me, it’s the perfect—and perfectly manageable—getaway, whether in the Hamptons or on the coast of Maine.