The Stylish Mirror Trend That Will Transform Your Space

Austin Lord/Stocksy United

A mirror can completely transform the energy and look of any place. It’s amazing how such a basic décor element can “magically” make a room feel bigger and brighter by adding depth to even the smallest of spaces. And while round mirrors are considered a classic in interior design, styling them with the rest of your furniture is sometimes not as straightforward as you may expect.

According to interior designer Shawn Henderson,  there are two common mistakes when hanging a round mirror on the wall, first being scale. “It’s so important to get this right. But I would say if you don’t know what to do, always skew on the larger side,” he said. “Second mistake is that people always hang mirrors too high. The top two-thirds of the mirror should be at eye-level, ideally”

Interior designer Mara Siber agrees—measurements are always the most important consideration. She recommends the width of the mirror be at least two-thirds the size of the object you’re placing below it. “If a mirror is too small for the space or hung too high it will take away from the interiors instead of adding to them. In addition, people often forget that a mirror should reflect something worth looking at! If a mirror is reflecting a toaster oven, instead of a beautiful piece of art, that’s probably not the ideal spot to hang it,” she said.

And, finally, it does matter what kind of furniture and objects you place near a round mirror. It could really make or break the flow of the décor.

Always oppose the curves, suggests designer Kati Curtis, and don't hang a round mirror over a round, or curved piece of furniture. “To balance the curves, it's best to hang a round mirror over something with straight lines,” she added.

Now check out these beautiful round mirrors that will completely transform any room at your home.

Courtesy Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler’s eclectic décor pieces are anything but ordinary. The designer sums up his aesthetic in three words: Modern American Glamour. His creations are always fun, bold, and, most importantly, they still feel home-y.

This floral-inspired Mother of Pearl mirror is the perfect example of Adler’s artistic philosophy. It is the ultimate chic statement piece to hang in your living room or above a fireplace. Its polished brass petals serve as the base for a mosaic of pearl-y “tiles” that are reminiscent of elegant jewelry pieces.

Shop: $1,150

Courtesy CB2


Perfection is often overrated, wouldn’t you agree? This oversized round mirror may not have a mathematically precise diameter but it is exactly this roughness around the edges that makes it such an eye-catcher.

The Abel mirror’s frame is made from rough cast aluminum that has been handcrafted so each piece is unique. It measures about 48 inches so it will definitely end up being the focal point of any wall adding a touch of rustic elegance to your living space.

Shop: $499

Courtesy AHAlife

Alchemy Collection

Talk about a statement piece! Dallas-based décor company Alchemy Collections is all about appreciating the natural beauty around us. Each design pays homage to the environment by taking something ordinary and mundane and turning it into a completely show-stopping piece of art.

The Papillon Butterfly mirror is an excellent example of Alchemy Collection’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its edges are adorned with a flight of 3D patina butterflies that will bring the outdoors in. Hang it above a wooden chest with leafy potted plants to add a whimsical vibe to any room.

Shop: $3,850

Courtesy Hayneedle


Why have only one mirror when you can have several? This cool piece consists of seven round mirrors of various sizes attached together. Their frames are constructed of welded metal rings with a lightly antiqued gold-leaf finish. You could pair the mirrors with a mid-century modern chest if you hang it horizontally, or if you prefer to have it as a stand-alone statement piece, opt for a vertical mount.

Shop: $262

Courtesy Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia

The “Akiko” mirror represents another fun take on the classic round shape. Designed with inverted scalloped edges, this piece stays true to its name, which means ‘sparkle’ in Japanese. The beautifully aged copper finish of the frame adds a bit of a vintage vibe to it. This mirror really has the potential to be the statement piece of any room you hang it in.

Shop: $394

Courtesy Lumens Light + Living

Campana Brothers for Alessi

Speaking of statement-making pieces, this one is a total show-stopper. Part of The Blow Up series of Brazilian fraternal duo Fernando and Humberto Campana, this wall mirror has a frame crafted in steel, chrome plated rods. The Campana Brothers are famous for transforming ordinary objects by using common materials in a creative way that pays homage to their South American roots. The Blow Up project, made in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Alessi, includes other décor items like baskets and a magazine holder entirely constructed of rods that are seemingly put together at random.

Shop: $340

Courtesy Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel

If you prefer classic pieces, the Gerald round mirror by Crate & Barrel is the perfect choice for you. It has a clean design with notes of mid-century elegance thanks to the crescent brushed gold frame. The best thing about the mirror is that it hangs in four different directions allowing you to play with the position of the frame.

Shop: $349

Courtesy Blu Dot

Blu Dot

Less is more when it comes to this large, modern mirror that features a solid walnut peg. Silber loves the simplicity and versatility of its frameless silhouette that could work in any room. She suggests hanging it in a powder room between sconces over a pedestal sink. “It’s more fun than the traditional rectangular mirror in every bathroom,” she added.

Shop: $399